Demo against Indian water projects

Monday, June 22, 2009
By Our Correspondent (The News International)


CHILDREN, youths and farmers under the banner of Pakistan Mutahida Kisan Mahaz (PMKM) staged a protest demonstration against water projects being carried out by the Indian government at Jhelum, Chenab and Indus Rivers.

The protestors expressed their concern over the Indian water projects, saying that these projects would deprive Pakistan of its water reservoirs, endangering survival of the future generation in the country.

They said the Indian government was violating Indus Water Treaty between the two countries.

They said that any hindrance in water flow of the three rivers would cost Pakistan loss of billions of rupees as agriculture had been the mainstay of Pakistan’s economy and a large number of people had been earning their livelihood through agriculture.

They urged the United States and United Nations to stop India from constructing dams on these rivers. They said that the Indian government had planned water projects worth Rs 200 billions on these rivers. Presence of 800,000 Indian troops in Kashmir valley, in fact, was aimed at diverting attention of Pakistan from issue of water aggression.

They called upon the politicians to raise voice against the Indian water projects at the three rivers at the floors of national and provincial assemblies while tabling resolutions in this regard.

They also urged the people to throng Wagah Border on August 15 for staging protest demonstration against the Indian water projects besides marking the day as ‘Black Day.’


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