Subsidised tractors for farmers in Sindh

Post Source: (Dawn – July 18, 2009) 

By Muzaffar Qureshi

A Farmer uses a tractor to prepare his field – APP/File photo.

A Farmer uses a tractor to prepare his field – APP/File photo.

KARACHI: The Sindh agriculture department plans to distribute 3,000 tractors at a cost of Rs808 million to farmers under a scheme for provision of assistance on purchase of tractors during 2009-10. 

It will provide subsidy of Rs200,000 on tractors with a cost up to Rs0.6 million and Rs300,000 on tractors costing over Rs0.6 million. 

Additional Secretary Projects Mohammad Aslam announced on Wednesday criteria for distribution of subsidised tractors, which provides that 50 per cent of the tractors would be given to growers, selected through ballot, cultivating 25 acres and the remaining 50 per cent would be reserved for growers of land units above 25 acres. 

The other condition for an eligible applicant would be that he does not have a tractor and possess proof of ownership of land under cultivation for which a subsidised tractor is required. 

He said every district would be given tractors’ quota depending on the area under cultivation. 

Apart from individual growers farmers forming small cooperatives could also apply.

The official pointed out that growers would be free to choose the type of tractor from both the locally made ones and the imported. 

After completing all purchase formalities including making payment to the suppliers through banks the incumbent would produce the purchase invoice to the department which then would release the amount of subsidy. 

The ministry would soon invite applications for growers wishing to obtain subsidized tractors, with Rs10,000 application fee which would be refundable if a grower remains unsuccessful in the draw. 

Meanwhile, Sindh Abadger Board has demanded of the government to provide subsidy on agricultural implements at the level being provided to growers by the Punjab government. 

President of the board Majid Nizamani said during 2008-09 the Punjab government provided Rs800 million as subsidy on account of farm implements, including tube wells as well as 10,000 tractors on reduced rates. 

In addition, the Punjab chief minister announced a gift of 250 tractors to the growers achieving high yield. 

Since Sindh produces one third of the crops grown in Punjab, hence the ministry should provide Rs200 million for farm implements as well as 3,500 tractors on subsidised rates in addition to 70 tractors as gifts to the efficient farmers. 

Anwar Bachani of Sindh Chamber of Agriculture expressed doubts that the distribution of subsidised tractors would be transparent. He demanded setting up of a committee, comprising representatives of growers to oversee distribution of tractors.


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