Department of Agriculture and Livestock Launches an Online Portal to Share Market Price Information With Farmers

Post Source: Global Development Commons


Department of Agriculture and Livestock has finally taken the initiative to launch an online project for the guidance of livestock farmers and harvesters of Pakistan. In agriculture business the middlemen of the supply chain system always earn more profit than the farmers, who work hard in fields and produce all the crops. Farmers usually don’t have sufficient knowledge about the value of their crops – due to which they always sell it for any rate they are offered.

This service gives the prices of retails and wholesale on daily, weekly and monthly basis so that farmers and harvesters can sell them at a reasonable price and earn some profit our of their efforts to run their family. You can also compare both retail and wholesale prices between two different dates.

This is a well known fact that farmers are always exploited at the hands of middlemen who choose the best lot as per their choice and then discard the remaining lot without owing any liability. Farmers are then left with no choice than to sell the second grade lot at lowest prices or on “long term credit”. Farmers were at major loss in this whole game and middlemen were the beneficiaries at the end.


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