India okays export of Bt cotton seeds to Pakistan

Post Source: Dawn (October 14, 2009)


NEW DELHI: India’s regulatory body for GM crops, Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC), has approved export of Bt cotton seeds to Pakistan.

Hindustan Times reported that the GEAC working under the environment and Forest Ministry, gave permission to top GM seed companies, like Monsanto, Hyderabad-based Bayer Hybrid Seeds and Aurangabad-based Nath Biogene, in September to export GM hybrid seeds to Pakistan for trials.

India’s Bt Cotton seeds have helped the country double its cotton production in seven years.

Bt or Bacillus Thuringiensis is a bacterium that produces crystals proteins that are toxic to many species of insects and pests, the daily said.

‘It provides us a good opportunity to test highly successful GM cotton seeds in a similar geographical terrain in Pakistan,’ the daily quoting Jagresh Rana, director, Mahyco-Monsanto Biotech said.

‘Bt Cotton is grown on the Indian side of border in Abhor in Punjab, and normal cotton is grown on a similar soil in Pakistan. One can see the difference. We have no reason to believe that India’s cotton success story cannot be replicated in Pakistan,’ he said.

‘Our bonhomie with our neighbours (Pakistan) on environment issues from climate change to GM is good,’ said Indian environment Minister Jairam Ramesh. —APP


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  1. A possitive improvement.


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