Farmers hold protests against ‘Indian water terrorism’

Post Source: By Dawn Reporter – Monday, 22 Mar, 2010 

LAHORE, March 21: Hundreds of farmers held a demonstration in Rampur village on the Pakistan-India border on Sunday in protest against what they called ‘Indian water terrorism’. The demonstration was organised by the Muttahida Kissan Mahaz. The farmers carrying banners and placards demanded that India be stopped from building dams in occupied Kashmir and depriving Pakistan of its share of water.

They adopted a resolution which called upon the government to move a resolution in the United Nations against ‘pilferage of river water by India’.

Addressing the protesters, Mahaz president Ayub Khan Mayo, provincial president Murad Khan Baloch and Civil Society Forum’s chairman Dr Shahid Raza said that India was building 40,241MW hydel power projects on the Jhelum and Chenab in occupied Kashmir which would destroy agriculture in Pakistan. They said that the construction of dams was in violation of the Indus Water Treaty.

They said that Pakistan should urge India to stop the ‘pilferage of river water’.

The farmers announced to hold demonstrations along the border on the day of the signing of the Indus Water Treaty on Sept 19 if their demand was not met.

Our Sialkot correspondent adds: The Kissan Wing of Jamaatud Dawa held a meeting in Daska on Sunday to create awareness about ‘Indian water aggression’. 

82 bonded labourers freed


Post Source: By Dawn Correspondent – Sunday, 21 Mar, 2010 

MIRPURKHAS, March 20: About 82 bonded labourers have been freed from the illegal captivity of three landlords, on the order of district and sessions judge of Mirpurkhas during the last 24 hours.

A complainant, Dayo Bheel, had submitted an application stating that 29 peasants, including women and children, were confined at the land of landlord Wazir Mari in the Phuladiyoon area. They were forced to work without payment and were not allowed to move freely.

He requested the court to order police to get the detained peasants released.

On the court order, the Phuladiyoon police raided the place and freed 29 detained bonded labourers on Friday.

A woman named Ms Jamni Kolhi had filed an application stating that her 12 relatives were being held as bonded labourers at the land of landlord Ayoub Mari in the Phuladiyoon area.

Police on Friday evening carried out a raid and recovered 12 bonded labourers, including women and children. On Saturday, Naukot police raided the land of Juma Khan Chandio and got released 41 bonded labourers. They were detained for three years.

Complainant Parbhu Kolhi had submitted an application to the district and sessions judge of Mirpurkhas, complaining that 41 peasants were detained at the land of Juma Khan. They were denied livelihood and right to move to other place.

He requested the court to order Naukot police for their recovery.

Police said that all the 82 released bonded labourers would be produced in the court on Monday.


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