Dir farmers get aid under BKPAP

Post Source: The News Correspondent – April 08, 2010

DIR: Potato seed, fertilisers and spray pumps were distributed among the farmers of four union councils in Dir Upper Wednesday under the Baacha Khan Poverty Alleviation Programme (BKPAP) being executed by the Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP).

The SRSP doled out 378 100-kg bags of potato, 250 50-kg bags of fertilisers and 24 spray pumps to the farmers in Qulandi, Dir Urban, Chukiatan and Darora union councils. The spray pumps, an official said, were provided to those farmers who had undergone a 15-day scientific training with the SRSP.

The training has been imparted to improve the knowledge and skill of the farmers about agriculture techniques. The purpose of the distribution of seeds, fertilisers and pumps, the official said, was to boost crop production of the small landholders in the district. Dir Upper is a mountainous district and has very small portion of land for agriculture, most of it rain-fed.

The increased production, the official said, would augment the farmers’ income and lead a better life. District Coordination Officer Fareedullah Khan, who is also the district administrator, was present at the distribution ceremony. Earlier, the SRSP District Programme Manager Noor Ajab briefed the DCO about the projects being undertaken by the organisation in the district.


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