Farmers reject restriction on yarn export

Post Source: The News Correspondent

THE Farmers Association Pakistan (FAP) has rejected the government plan to restrict export of cotton yarn. In a meeting here on Tuesday, the FAP members discussed the sowing of cotton and expressed concern about the difficulties to arise in coming days in the cotton belt. According to Dr Muhammad Tariq Bucha, chief coordinator FAP, the federal governmentís intervention to restrict yarn export would lead to crash price of Phutti in future. Therefore, he said, as there was no ban on import of cotton lint, the restriction on the cotton yarn export would result in the fall of Phutti price to come in August, severely damaging the cotton grower’s interest and economy.

The FAP urged the Ministry of Textile to consult the farmersí organisations before any such detrimental policy being demanded by people with vested interests. The association was also concerned about the short supply of irrigation water to the southern Punjab which would badly affect cotton growing and urged the Punjab government to ensure water supply particularly from Chashma Jehlum Link Canal which was main canal for supply of water to cotton producing areas during May, being the prime time for cotton sowing.

The FAP also showed its concern regarding the poor quality and higher priced cotton seed with the retarded growth, available the market by mushroom seed mafia and stressed upon the government to take steps in this regard.


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