WFO asks Pakistan to reduce wheat prices



Islamabad—World Food Organization (WFO) has expressed its concern over 10 percent less consumption of wheat in Pakistan last year owing to price hike of wheat and flour as half of the total populace is already facing shortage of food. While talking to VOA, an official of WFO Sahib Haq said that WFO recommended to the government to reduce wheat prices to cope with the situation. He said WFO submitted many recommendations to the government, which are included increase in food, decrease in prices of agricultural inputs and rationalization of food prices.

Food prices should not be higher than the world market. If the food prices are $ 200 per ton in the world market.

Talking to VOA, PPP leader and Chairman Parliamentary Committee on Food and Agriculture Javed Iqbal Warraich said that Pakistan was facing shortage of wheat due to wheat smuggling to other countries and farmers’ reluctance to grow wheat before increase of wheat prices by the government.

Now Pakistan has surplus wheat and flour is also available at every nock and cranny of the country. As compared to some other countries, wheat prices are still low in Pakistan, he added.

Amjad Jamal, spokesman of WFP in Pakistan also said that international bodies have initiated a food project in 21 districts of the country for poor families with the help of local people. He said that the farmers of one to four acre cultivated land were provided inputs and 400-kg wheat for domestic use with the help of FAO. It yielded extremely positive results.—APP


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