Egypt keen to import wheat from Pakistan


By Amin Ahmed – 08 Jul, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Matters relating to the economic cooperation between Pakistan and Egypt will come up for discussion during an upcoming meeting of the joint working group to be held in Cairo ahead of the visit of President Zardari to that country. Egypt’s Ambassador to Pakistan Magdy Amer, who held a meeting with the Federal Minister for Food, Agriculture and Cooperatives Nazar Muhammad Gondal here on Wednesday to discuss the possible areas of cooperation said that the president’s visit to Egypt is expected in September or October this year. Pakistan has shown its interest to benefit from the Egyptian experience in the modernisation of irrigation system and this has been officially communicated to Cairo at the highest level, informed sources told Dawn.

Ambassador Amer said that Egypt desired to import wheat from Pakistan and in return would help Pakistan in improving the irrigation system in addition to offering fellowship programmes to agricultural scientists.

Currently, Egypt meets its requirements by importing wheat from the United States, the European Union and Argentina, and has now desired to taste the Pakistani wheat. Egypt needs 6 to 7 million tons of wheat annually to bridge the deficit.

“Pakistan’s wheat is the best in the world and Egypt must import it,” Mr Gondal told the Egyptian ambassador. Pakistan can also export meat and rice to the North African country.

Mr Gondal stressed the need to develop institutional linkages between the Economic Research Department of Pakistan and the Agricultural Research Centre (ARC) of Egypt for exchange of expertise, experience, information and data of joint research studies.

Appreciating the Egyptian offer of fellowships for agricultural scientists, Mr Gondal proposed that the farmers in Pakistan need to be imparted with on-farm training because they are the real stakeholders and the implementing body.


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