PKM accuses Sindh sugar mills of fleecing poor farmers



Pakistan Kissan Movement (PKM) Secretary General Hanif Gujjar has claimed that the sugar industry in Sindh is fleecing poor farmers by arbitrarily reducing the sugarcane prices from Rs 67 per 40-kg to Rs 60 and now have reduced the prices to Rs 55 per 40-kg. After a tour of Sindh PKM leader in a statement here Monday said that the farmers’ organisations in Sindh have asked the farmers to stop harvesting sugarcane in Sindh and not to supply sugarcane to sugar mills at Rs 55/-per 40-kg.

He said the farmers in Sindh were so angry that they were planning to bring their cane trolleys on the roads and set the sugarcane on fire. “They are so furious and have even decided to block the roads leading to Sindh sugar mills. The situation in Sindh is deteriorating and getting out of control,” he warned.

Gujjar said, “We have never seen such humiliating attitude of the Sindh sugar mills towards sugarcane growers, who are bent upon sucking the blood of the poor farmers.


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